UPDATE: Why no blogs?

Yes, I am still here!

I apologize for the lack of blogs. It has been way to long! As much as I love my blog, life has just been so busy. With 2 kids, a husband, and 2 cats... well let's just say it has been a crazy few months. I know in my previous post I mentioned I wanted to blog more, then I suddenly stopped. I would love to get more into blogging but life happens. Sometimes I lose interest in my blog because of the lack of followers and comments, I know that it shouldn't stand in the way of me posting. Especially when I loved blogging. So I realize, I should do what I want and just keep going. So I am going to start getting back into this as much and as often as I can. With my kids returning back to school I can have my mornings to focus on my blog. I would like to do more posts on fashion, life, d├ęcor, and food, along with makeup and beauty. Maybe throw in other things as well? After all my blog does say, "Beauty views & RANDOM NEWS"!

(If anyone is interested, I am now on Instagram follow me!)

It feels good to be back! Enjoy your weekend and stay tuned for more posts!

xoxo, Alicia

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