About Me

Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Alicia. I'm a mom of two kids. My daughter who is 13 and my son who is 9. We also have 2 cats named Waylon and Moxxi. I am also married. We have been married for 13 years! I am a stay at home mom.

I started at a young age wearing little makeup and not really knowing what I was doing. Just a few years ago I came across makeup gurus on Youtube and thats when the obsession and my love for makeup really began. I started experimenting with makeup alot more and as the years have gone by I have learned to wear brighter colors and be more confident.

I started this blog in March 2010 to share with others (and moms) what I have learned along the way and also to share my obsession and love for makeup and all things beauty!

- Alicia