Mini drugstore haul!

So, I went out today in search of some false eyelashes for a party I am going to on Saturday and instead picked up some more goodies!

I stopped by CVS (which I haven't been in a CVS in years!!) and found out that they have alot more false eyelashes than Walgreens and Riteaid. After looking at all of them for quite awhile, I finally picked out the Andrea modlash in #21. While I was there I remembered that they carry Essence of Beauty! For like 2 years I have heard so much about their crease brush duo and was so happy to have finally picked some up! Then I seen a sale! Buy any Revlon product, get a free lipstick. I definitely jumped on that! I was going to pick up some of the Colorstay foundation (which I absolutely love) but decided to try out the PhotoReady foundation. My color or atleast I think it is my color, I haven't tried it out yet but I got Shell. I really like that it has a pump. I wish they would add a pump to their other foundations! For my free lipstick, I picked out one of the Colorburst Lipsticks in the color Mauve. It's a very pretty color and I think it suits me. I like that it's very light so it feels like your not even wearing lipstick. One other thing I picked up at CVS was some Pond's Skin Cream. I have been looking for a new moisturizer and remembered using Pond's many years ago and how much I liked it. So I decided to try it out again.

After CVS I had to run to Wal-mart, not even planning on buying anymore makeup! But when I seen something I have been looking for for a few years now I had to get it! It's BonneBell Powder Bronze in Golden Tan. I had one a few years ago and after using almost all of it, I dropped it and it broke into pieces! I have searched everywhere for this powder! I thought maybe BonneBell went out of business! I have tried all kinds of other powder bronzers but nothing compared to my BonneBell, so today when I found it I was very happy! I also decided to try out a couple of other products they had. I picked up the BonneBell Gel Bronze in luminous glow and I also picked up a BonneBell Concealer in Coverup (light). I have never used the last 2 products so I will see how they work out.

Here is the Revlon lipstick (with flash) in the color Mauve. Very pretty color!

With all I got today, I am so ready to try everything out! Especially the PhotoReady foundation, which I have heard so many reviews about! Hope you all had a great day!

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