My first ever MAC!

Yes, it's true. My very first MAC! I know, a makeup junkie who has never owned any MAC? That's unheard of, right?! Well not anymore! I'm usually a drugstore makeup kind of girl. I have ALWAYS dreamed of owning MAC but when money is tight we can only dream...

So around Christmas my husband and I traveled about an hour away to an outlet mall where they had a CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet). I have been wanting to go for the longest time and when we got there that was the first place I went to, and actually the only place I stepped foot in! I spent hours there! I was alittle dissapointed just because they didn't have as many MAC products as I was hoping. After many many swatches I finally walked out with 3 eyeshadows, 2 Lipglasses, a Lustreglass, a Lipstick, 2 brushes, and a Mineralize Skinfinish.

Eyeshadows -

Glamour Check! (Starflash)

Grand Entrance (Starflash)

Rite Of Spring (Veluxe Pearl)

Mineralize Skinfinish -

Medium/Natural And Shimmer

(The shimmer side comes off alittle too glittery but with just the right amount I love to use it as a highlight for my cheeks!)

Brushes -

116 and 217

Lipglass and Lustreglass -

(Left to Right) Trifle, CultureClash, Instant Gold

Lipstick -

Utter Pervette (Lustre)

(Swatches of the lipglasses, lustreglass, and lipstick)

I am so happy! Hopefully someday soon I will be purchasing more MAC!

My favorites out of my MAC collection are: The 217 brush which I am in love with! The Instant Gold Lustreglass. And the Glamour Check! eyeshadow. What were some of your first MAC products? And what are some of your MAC favorites?


  1. Hey Alicia!! What do you think of your first MAC purchase??? I love the 217!!

    I'm being VERY VERY good, and not buying any make-up or clothes.

  2. Hey chicka! I'm officially addicted to MAC now LOL! I wish I could have bought more but I went in there with a $$ limit. Yes, the 217 was a lucky find there! I'm so glad I looked at the brushes and seen it!

    Same here! Money is really tight since we moved so I have been pretty good at not buying alot of makeup!

  3. Hope your enjoying your first MAC purchase, the mineralize skinfinsh is what got me hooked. MAC all that glitters eyeshadow is my favourite :)

  4. are you in love or are u in love??? Once It started I couldnt stop☺your really goinng to love everything you just purchased!


  5. Yes, in LOVE! I have a list going that keeps getting bigger of more MAC I want! :)


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