My Skincare Routine!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great New Year! I have never really been good at making New Year resolutions simply because when I do they last maybe a month or so. I did make one that I hope lasts, and that is to blog more! So starting that off I thought I would share my skincare routine.

My skin... well I would consider my skin, frustrating! I guess it would really be combination? I have very oily skin but it can also be very dry. My skin is like this all year except in the winter months when it can get even more dry and even more oily in the summer months due to it being very humid where I live. If I don't exfoliate regulary I can expect flakey skin, which can be even more frustrating! As for it being oily, within an hour or less my entire face is oily! Not a pretty look.

I have never been good at keeping a skincare routine because I am always wanting to try new things or just get off track and not be as commited to it as I was when I first started it. Since sticking to only these products and the same routine for a month now I am really happy with how my skin feels and looks! I have noticed my face is less dry and flakey, and also not as oily so soon after it is washed and moisturized. Even though you can not get rid of pores completely, you can shrink them which I have noticed with mine.

Morning Routine:

  • Wash face with Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash (because of all the oil my skin produces overnight, I like to clean my face with cleanser before I exfoliate) and rinse;
  • Exfoliate with Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System and Purpose Cleanser, rinse and pat dry;
  • Use one Oxy Cleansing Pad all over face and let dry;
  • Moisturize with Olay Complete Moisturizer in combination/oily or Clean & Clear Finishes Mattifying Moisturizer (If I feel like I need some color I will use Jergens Natural Glow Healthy Complexion Daily Moisturizer in medium to tan).

Night Routine: (If I'm not wearing any makeup, steps 1 and 2 are skipped.)

  • Take eye makeup off with L'Oreal Clean Artiste Eye Makeup Remover;
  • Wipe eyes and face with Neutrogena Make-up Remover Towelettes;
  • Exfoliate with Olay Pro-X Cleansing System and Purpose Cleanser, rinse and pat dry;
  • Use a cotton round and T.N. Dickenson's All Natural Astringent all over face and neck, let dry;
  • Moisturize face and neck with Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Anti-Wrinkle Cream;
  • Apply Smith's Rosebud Salve to lips.

Other Products:

  • I like to use a mask once to twice a week due to my enlarged and clogged pores. I love and swear by Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.
  • When I feel a pimple coming on I like to dab on some Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10.

I know it seems like a lot of products but really it's simple. You just have to be commited and the results will show within weeks.

I plan on doing reviews of some of the products mentioned that I just love! So stay tuned to my blog for those! I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

♥ Alicia


  1. You do have really nice skin, but danggggg that is a lot of products. Must work though. I saw the mint julep mask. One of my favorites and so affordable!

  2. Thanks! Ahaha, yeah it is a lot of products! I could probably go without 1 or 2 but my skin is looking really good. I do have a few that I don't think I could live without! Mint Julep Masque is one of them! Affordable and great! :)


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